The BETTER Hybrid

Hybrid: Band-DJ

• Love the energy, engagement, and interaction of live performance but a large band is too big?

• Love the DJ spinning the original record but want to add energy and excitement to the performance?

Can't Decide?

The Answer: HAVE BOTH!

Best of both worlds

Band or DJ?

Experience the best of both worlds with the 6-piece multi-vocalist package of the New York Edge Band. Boasting three phenomenal singers, both male and female, adept at covering all music styles, we offer the perfect fusion of live performance and DJ'ing. Truly a sensational package that delivers all the energy and excitement you crave in one unforgettable experience!

How It Works...

Let's have a conversation about finding the perfect balance between live band performance and DJ music for your event, ensuring that you have the flexibility to tailor the music to your preferences and create the ideal atmosphere for your party.

Endless Possibilities for Personalization…

  • The band can perform high-energy dance sets, and we can DJ personalized mixes during food courses to set the tone, whether it's elegant, hip, or perhaps a lounge vibe. The choice is yours!
  • The band can seamlessly incorporate DJ mixes into dance sets to offer a dynamic and varied musical experience.
  • We can DJ multi-cultural music to incorporate important and meaningful traditions and enhance key moments.
  • Your special dances can be performed live by the band or DJ’d… either way, we make sure they're unforgettable

Have it all...

So much more than you ever thought was possible!

Why settle for a musician or two accompanying a DJ? Elevate your event with the best of both worlds: the perfect blend of live music's energy and interaction, alongside the endless options of DJ'd songs!

Make your day even more memorable!

Keep the energy • Keep the music • Keep the chemistry • Keep the WOW... all scaled to you!

Capture the Moment

Photo Booth

Create and capture memorable and fun moments.
Our photo booths accomodate both large and small groups of guests with a small footprint that fits anywhere in your venue.


Popular Options:
Props, Backdrops, Step and Repeat, Velvet Ropes, photo attendant, etc.

Reach out to explore!

Be Heard...

Sound System

Make sure that everyone is included by ensuring that your guests can hear your ceremony officiant and your vows.

Toasts during dinner? Make sure everyone can hear so everyone is a part of the day.


Popular Options:
PA's (small and large), Mics (wired and wireless), Lavalier Mic, sound tech, etc.

Reach out to explore!


AV —

Sound & Visuals

Projectors to show videos, slides, montages, etc. with all your guests! Screens, LCDs on truss’s and/or large screens, to bring your vision to life. Skys the limit!


Popular Options:
Projector, Screens (old school & LCD), Zoom presentation, Video presentation, Slide presentation, Montage presentation, sound system, mics (wired and wireless), AV tech, etc.

Reach out to explore!

Set the Ambiance


Lighting adds ambiance and drama to an event. Set the atmosphere and dress up your event with your unique style and color scheme.


Popular Options:
Stage lighting, Dance floor lighting, Room lighting, lighting tech, etc.

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Lighting FAQs


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