New York Edge performing @The Bronx Zoo, NYC


Are you a band or a collective?

We are a full time band of professional musicians. We are not a music collective or a mix-and-match/piece together music agency.

We perform together ALL the time… and we have all the chemistry that brings.

How many people are in the band?

Our band size is scalable from 7 to 11 pieces. We perform at different sizes to accommodate music tastes, desired presentation and budget particulars. See Band Size page for instrumentation.

How can the same band perform at different sizes and still sound awesome?

We write custom arrangements for each band size so we sound awesome, authentic and true to the vibe and style at every band size.

When you're performing you look like you're having as much fun as the guests… Are you?

All our photos are from real performances — no photo shoots!

Energy is contagious and energy a two way street…
Audiences feed off of our energy and we feed off of theirs. The key to an awesome party is for EVERYONE to have fun… guests and band :) At the party, you experience an unforgettable night of dancing and celebrating with all of your family and friends, and we experience a night of music shared with an enthusiastic audience of dancing and smiling guests having the time of their lives.

But make no mistake fun does not mean easy… we work super hard!!!
It is our job is to make our performances look fun and effortless so that our audiences can let go, dance and enjoy! A TON of work goes into making our performances look effortless!

As musicians who LOVE music and performing we are committed to make each and every performance better than the last. We NEVER rest on our laurels. Instead we constantly work the music, record and review our performances, and make adjustments and tweaks as needed to ensure that we are ALWAYS doing better.

We LOVE to perform and it shows :)

(All audio, video, and photo rights to our performances are reserved by New York Edge Music, Inc.)

Why do people dance more to one band than another or to one DJ than another?

Everyone has experienced a Band/DJ that looks good, sounds good and even plays good music but for some reason the crowd/audience just isn’t fully engaging with the performance and they only dance sporadically… why?

What REALLY inspires audience response and dancing?
Audience response can only be explained by the magic that happens when you combine all the tangible aspects of a great performance with all the intangible aspects of a great performance...
Tangible performance aspects:
great look, great repertoire and great sound
Intangible performance aspects:
amazing talent, inexhaustible energy, unmatched audience connection, incredible performance impact, expert crowd reading, inspired song curation and, of course, wow-factor!

New York Edge has the perfect combo of the tangible and intangible!
The intangible aspects are always hard to quantify, but they are THE fundamental difference between a good performance at a pleasant event and a GREAT performance at a NON-STOP dance party celebration experience.

People just dance when we perform!

Do you play and sing live or do you incorporate tracks and/or sequencers into your performances?

We play and sing EVERYTHING live. NO tracks, NO sequencers.

Do you play continuous music?

Yes! We ALWAYS play continuous music.

Do you own your own equipment and why should you care?

We own all our own professional, state of the art equipment. We own several different sound systems because we perform at so many different venues and we tailor our sound to fit location and number of guests. NO rental stuff… you know how everyone treats that rented car :)

What determines band size?

Band size is determined by three primary things:

  1. Music: The styles of music performed and the sound desired
  2. Presentation - visual and audio: The look and the sound of the band
  3. Budget (EVERYONE has a budget :): Ask about maximizing budget and impact

Does band size impact repertoire?

We perform the same repertoire at all our band sizes from 7 pieces and up.

What determines a band's price?

Often the first question we are asked is "How Much?”

There are three basic factors that impact a band's price:
1 Band size (more or less people)
2 Date (more or less in-demand day and or time of year)
3 The band's level of talent and experience. (A band that is new (or put together) to perform at weddings and events vs a band that is skilled, experienced, in-demand, professional, prepared and proficient at performing at weddings and events)

Why is band pricing so all over the place?

Price is such a big and often confusing question it gets two FAQ spots :)

So… aside from musicians playing instruments, what are you paying for?
A lower price does not always mean the band is a good deal and conversely a higher price does not always equal better music… so how do you balance quality and value to find your Goldilocks?

Some things that impact a band's price:
5 Quantifiable things:

  1. Band size/instrumentation
  2. Band repertoire
  3. Band equipment
  4. Quality of service both on and off the bandstand (leading up to the performance as well as during your wedding)
  5. Band experience and longevity … it's always better if you are not a new band's 'practice' wedding :)
5 Intangible things:
  1. Band talent
  2. Band chemistry
  3. Band/Audience connection
  4. Song curation
  5. Band performance energy/wow-factor

The X-factor… The difference between a good performance and a GREAT PERFORMANCE:
The intangibles are the key to truly amazing and memorable live performances and they are absolutely crucial to inspiring dancing at your wedding :)

Quality AND Value… Goldilocks!

Musicians First… We love music and we play amazing music:
Our fees go into the music, the talent, the repertoire and the personal service that you receive instead of extraneous expenses that don’t add anything to the music experience of your performance. We bring both the quantifiable and the intangibles to the table and we are an incredible value… Why? Are we nuts? Probably! We are musicians first, and if its a choice between staying home or performing we ALWAYS choose to perform! We love doing gigs and by keeping our pricing fair we get to do more of them :)

Our clients say it best… Check out our reviews, thank you notes, and shout outs!

What is the bands repertoire?

Our repertoire is HUGE! As full time, professional, schooled musicians we know a TON of songs and we constantly learn and add new ones :) Check our repertoire page for artists and styles performed. If there's something special that you'd like to hear just ask… chances are we know it! We stay completely current and we bring fresh new life to all the classics.

What repertoire/music do you play at a wedding?

Weddings are unique because wedding guests are usually mixed ages. Guests have the most fun when they dance! We offer a huge mix of the best dance music to span the generations. All the songs we perform feel modern and fresh from classic oldies to current top 40.

How do you pick what songs to play?

People LOVE to dance to music that they recognize. That said, we always strive to musically surprise and excite guests with our music selections and the way we structure our sets. We always read the room and respond to it; and we never perform the exact same set twice :) We LOVE to keep each performance unique, and by learning your personal tastes we include your uniqueness in the music and dancing.

Are you full time professional musicians?

YES! We are professional, full time, schooled musicians. Playing music IS what we do. We eat, sleep and breath music, and we love it. To us music is not just a job its a vocation :)

Are you insured?

Yes! As a professional music company we are fully insured.

What do I need to provide for the band to perform at my event?

Nothing! We are completely self contained for our performances. You provide the venue & the audience… and we'll bring the party!

Why don't you just send me a price?

I am not content with an impersonal check-the-box approach to hiring music for your amazing, unique, once-in-a-lifetime day. I think the all-to-common approach of… talk to a sales-person, pick a band/size/price, and meet the band at your wedding (with perhaps a phone call with the band's leader a week-or-so before your big day)… is a TERRIBLE idea!!!

I’ve had people email me…
"Why should I connect with you?"
“Just send me a price list”
"If I like your price and online music I'll hire you. Why should I speak with you?”

Price and web clips are JUST a starting point… There is SO much more that goes into making the music on your wedding day YOURS.

We're proud to say we’re old-school when it comes to connecting with our clients. We will be performing in person for you and all of your guests, so we want to connect with you in a very real and personal way because we want you to have T

We are musicians and artists at heart… not an Amazon package or a take-out menu… and we want to get to know you and
customize your day TO YOU and WITH YOU! Your wedding is an important, once in a lifetime, detail filled, amazing day and we are honored to be a part of it… We know you feel the same :)

When we hire New York Edge what is included?

We are a full service music company. So…

Before your wedding...
•We are ALWAYS available to you.
Leading up to you wedding just reach out to touch base, ask questions, etc
•Pre-event music planning and coordination:
We connect about 3 months BEFORE your wedding to plan out all your details, special music and special moments. Meeting well in advance leaves us ample time to prepare for your wedding :)
•We learn your special songs.

We bring to your wedding…
•All musical instruments
•Professional Instruments with all back-line and amplification
•Top of the line, full range sound system with wireless and wired mics
•Insurance, as required by most venues
•Complete band set up and tear down
•Music planning and coordination with your venue
•Optional DJ-ing with full professional DJ rig

At your wedding…
•We provide an amazing live performance for your reception, and/or ceremony, and/or cocktails.
•We coordinate with you (bride and groom) throughout the evening
•We coordinate with your venue (maitre d’) throughout the evening
•We MC your night: announcements, invites, or anything you may require

Do you provide an Emcee?

Yes… included! We emcee your night: announcements, toasts, special dances, invites, or anything you may require. We also coordinate with your venue.

Do you provide music for ceremony and/or cocktails?

Yes! Soloists, duos, trios and quartets are the most popular options for ceremony and/or cocktail music. Styles include: classical, jazz, pop, rock, and traditional ethnic/cultural selections.

Do you provide DJ'ing?

Yes! Upon request. Three band members DJ so anything you would like DJ'd is no problem :)

Do you have understudies?

We treat our performances like a Broadway show... We have under-studies all set "just in case." We've almost never used them, but as professionals its like insurance… you have it and hope you never need it.

A DJ is less expensive so why have live music?

Take your wedding to another level — The impact of live music

When you’re thinking about music at your wedding Live band or DJ is THE question. When throwing a wedding it is important to decide what your celebration means to you. If your celebration is an amazing dance party with all your friends and family there is nothing more important than music! At the end of the night… and for years later... you and your guests will remember if you had a great time dancing and celebrating. There is no more impactful way to enjoy music than by experiencing it performed live. When live music is expertly played and the performances are electric there is nothing more memorable and special. Live music brings the energy, the entertainment, the wow-factor, and life to the evening. It's different than a DJ playing recorded tracks… We know you feel the same :)

As awesome and amazing as a wedding is, a wedding is costly and everyone struggles with how and where to allocate budget. Often music gets put further down the totem pole than it should… I know we’re a music company so we are probably a bit biased here… but your wedding is not just a gathering of friends and family for dinner… your wedding is a romantic ceremony pledging your love followed by a dance-party celebration! Music is THE most remembered aspect of any wedding celebration and LIVE music always has more impact than recorded music :)

How do you decide how to configure the band, ie. how many musicians and singers?

All dance bands start with a rhythm section: bass, drums, keys and guitar. All dance bands need at least 2 vocalists: male and female. This is a 6 piece band and why we start at 6 pieces :) Once you've got the heart and soul of the band you've got a great foundation… then you can add all the flavors that add dimension, presence and wow to the band to complete your music experience.

What do you wear?

Unless you your request otherwise, we dress in formal wear. We feel your wedding is a once in a lifetime special event and our dress should reflect that. However, like everyone, we have closets full of clothes, and if your vision for your special day calls for less formal "musician-like" attire rest assured we have that too… after all we are musicians :)

Musically… Where are you coming from?

We are professional musicians schooled and routed in the jazz tradition. Why jazz? Because trained Jazz players combine expert skill and musicianship with expert flexibility and spontaneity. The ability to be flexible and go with the flow of the crowd at the party is crucial to the success of every event, and improv is at the very core of Jazz. Additionally each instrumentalist and vocalist also brings their own personal musical perspective, their "special spice," to enhance the band music experience as a whole. Combined we bring our incredibly deep and strong musical roots, our vast experience and our enormous passion for music to every single performance. We are proficient in all the many styles and specialties that go into making a wedding unforgettable and amazing.

Is there a formula… how many band members for how many guests?

Band size is determined by the musical styles the band is going to play and the presentation that you want the band to make. U2 is 4 guys and Earth, Wind and Fire is 12 guys. Both great bands!

How long do you play?

Most wedding receptions are 4 hours… so our go-to playtime is 4 hours :)

Many couples also have us provide a small ensemble (often drawn from band members) to play for their cocktail hour and/or their ceremonies as well.

Most cocktail hours are, as the name says, 1 hour in length; and most couples choose a soloist or a two to four piece ensemble to set the ambiance. Listen to cocktail music

Most wedding ceremonies are shorter than 1 hour, but we allocate a full hour of music to a wedding ceremony so that your guests will experience your ceremony atmosphere as they are entering, being seated and waiting for your ceremony to begin :) Listen to ceremony music

Having us provide the music for your entire event ensures the flow of the music is seamless. All this said, all timing is customizable.

Do you take breaks?

We play continuous live music.

Of course at some point during the evening everyone (including band members :) will have to use the restroom and/or grab a drink of water. So while guests are enjoying their food and conversing with their table-mates we pair the band size down and play background music to set the perfect ambiance for food enjoyment at three ten-minute moments during the evening to provide a seamless live guest listening experience throughout the entire party.

Do you travel? Will you play anywhere?

Yes! You select the location and we travel to where ever your wedding is :) We regularly perform all over the metropolitan area and we are also very experienced in all the details and logistics that go into performing beyond the metropolitan area too.

3 steps to check out New York Edge

Step 1: Experience the New York Edge!!!
Watch our live performances and check out who we’ve performed for as well as where we have performed.
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Step 2: Explore Options
Click here for Band Size
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Step 3: Connect

Meet us — virtually by phone or zoom for now and in-person when possible :) We’ll connect about the music at YOUR wedding… your vision for your day, your music tastes, what do you like to dance to, etc. :) We respond to your email/phone/text within hours (unless we are performing - in which case we'll reach out after the gig :)

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Why hire New York Edge?

An analogy…
Anyone can buy a car, but only the most skilled and talented drivers compete and win professional races.

Likewise, our thoughts…
Anyone can buy music equipment and get a bunch of musicians together collective-style on a stage but only the most skilled, cohesive and talented band with the X-Factor, unmatched chemistry, superlative crowd-reading skills, amazing music selection, and unparalleled experience and professionalism can CONSISTENTLY deliver the non-stop dance party that everyone wants! We know you agree :)

Booking New York Edge

Booking is easy… all paperwork, signatures, payments, etc., are digital!

Signed paperwork and a retainer deposit reserves the band for your date.

  • We provide you with paperwork that includes all the details that you have selected… your date and time, your venue, your band size, your band instrumentation, your band price, etc.
  • Together your signed paperwork and retainer deposit confirm our mutual agreement… you agree that you want your date reserved for you and we agree to reserved your date for you and not book the band on your date for someone else.

Retainer deposits and subsequent retainer installments go into the music/maintenance of the band. They cover all the costs that happen before your wedding including rehearsals, music scoring, music arrangement and preparation, updating and maintaining musical instruments, updating and maintaining sound equipment, insurance, etc… all of the things that you want us to keep up with so that you get the best music, performance and sound on your day. No one wants a band that doesn’t keep up with all of these things to keep the music amazing… we know you feel the same :)

Our soloists, ensembles and DJ's are in cooperation with City Edge Productions.

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"Finding a band for our wedding was very stressful initially, but once we found New York Edge, we were able to relax. Rich was very thorough in preparing for our wedding and he kept in contact with us throughout the months of planning. The band was amazing; maximum energy throughout the party and everything we envisioned for our special day.”

Bettty & Andrew (Tribecca Rooftop, NYC)

"What can we say?!!! EVERYONE was up on the dance floor, singing, dancing (sweating their butts off!) and having a total blast! You guided us through the chaos of wedding planning and we can't thank you enough! We enjoyed every minute of the night and we have you, Shanti and the New York Edge to thank!"

Karen & Adam (New York Botanical Gardens, NYC)

"You guys completely rocked and made the wedding so much fun. Everyone was raving about you. We were on the dance floor as much as we possibly could be and when we weren't, I would look back and it was always packed. I don't have the words to express how grateful we are to you. You are all so talented!"

Mel & Tom (New Leaf Cafe, NYC)


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