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My wife and I got married in October and NY Edge Music was one of the best decisions made during the entire experience. In many ways, they were our 1A wedding planner. From the minute we officially booked, they made the process so easy for us from outlining key deadlines, selection of music (there was literally no request they didn't try to accommodate), onsite execution and budget management. Every experience we had with them was positive...including the time we were hit with our most stressful decisions related to having booked a venue which was a very tight fit. But NY Edge Music brought an enthusiastic solutions based approach and we ended up with a layout that worked out flawlessly given the limitations.

All of the compliments above are strictly around process...but equally as impressive (if not more so) were their skills performing. They forged and maintained the energy of the evening with song selection and such an incredibly high quality of performance. I can't tell you how gratifying it is hosting a party where your closest family/friends feel like they are part of the action when they are dancing and all of a sudden realize the singer and/or guitarist is literally standing next to them. The band often dictates the energy of the party...and NY Edge Music did not disappoint.

I've been to my fair share of weddings with both good and bad wedding bands...NY Edge Music tops the list. It was a magical wedding weekend and we are thankful for having chosen the perfect wedding band.


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