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New York Edge is the difference between a good band and a great band without equal. Individually, they’re insanely talented. As a group, they were simply unreal. They were able to bring even the most timid of wallflowers amongst our guests to the dance floor in what many thought would be an impossible feat. They were truly the life of our party and the night would not - and could not - have been what it was without them.

From the ceremony music and cocktail tracks to the reception songs and dancing set, everything was curated to perfection.

We want to thank Rich, the band lead who doubled as our MC, in particular for his patience and flexibility with our postponed-and-postponed-again celebration. Our wedding was originally scheduled for September 2020. Despite all the changes and challenges we were faced with over the last two years, Rich held us to the terms of our original contract and never passed on increased costs of inflation as I know many other vendors have. He accommodated our every request without complaint or hesitation and made the entire planning process as smooth and easy as can be.

To Rich and the entire New York Edge band, you guys are the real class act and we can’t thank you enough for putting us all in an Empire State of Mind and making it a night we’ll never forget!
— Bernice & Henry


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